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What’s new?

November 28, 2022: Added the Tumblr link. Also, sent out the latest zine PDF. Print is coming slower.

November 21, 2022: Added Hive social Network links. Also, see my tiktok for new poetry videos.

November 13, 2022: I am really enjoying the mastodon social network. I am supporting my server with a $1/month patreon subscription.

November 10, 2022: Added CounterSocial account Updated mailing list page. Added The Words and The Doodles in writings below. Added TikTok link too.

November 5, 2022: Added mastodon account:

Social Media


Facebook: chrismahan.

Instagram: christopher_mahan.


CounterSocial: @chris_mahan. (not active)

TikTok: @chrismahan20.

Hive: My username is @chrismahan there.

Tumblr: chrismahan.

More contact info.

Mailing List

Sign up for my Mailing List. This contains updates on writings and other life events and anecdotes.


Poetry and writings are hosted at my Patreon site.

See the Poetry, Writings, and Doodles zine at The Words and The Doodles. This is a labor of love, which goes out by pnysical mail or as a PDF. These are paid subscriptions but I make them affordable and I do giveaways on the mailing list sometimes.

I publish poetry under my own name, and stories under pen-names. This is mostly for marketing segmentation.

For sci-fi, adventure, I use the pen name Cran Palto. See


Private Poems Mostly

Private Poems Mostly, on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle, a collection of poems published in 2017

Two Hearts

On Patreon, Two Hearts, a collection of poems from early 2018.

Works in Progress

My sci-fi survival novel Raheem, being written now, under pen-name Cran Palto.

Two Hearts is being reworked.