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May 31, 2024. Oh gosh, it's been almost a year. I definitely need to update this site, and also send out my newsletter!

August 9, 2023, I am on bluesky ( thanks to Bree who sent me one of the sought-after invite codes!

July 18, 2023, Released chapter 39 of Raheem.

July 11, 2023. Cumulative update. Raheem chapter 38 has been up for a few weeks. Also, I have a Threads account @christopher_mahan, and I like it okay so far.

May 5, 2023. Novel in progress: Raheem. I'm working on episode 36. Episodes 1-34 are available online to read.

February 25, 2023: Busy writing poetry and Raheem. I'm working on episode 31.


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Threads: @christopher_mahan .

bluesky: .


Instagram: christopher_mahan.

TikTok: @chrismahan20.

Facebook: chrismahan.

Less active

Twitter:@chris_mahan. (Extracting my poetry and conversations from that platforms!)

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Hive: My username is @chrismahan there. (not active)

Tumblr: chrismahan. (One day I will learn how to use this!)

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Poetry and writings are hosted at my Patreon site.

See the Poetry, Writings, and Doodles zine at The Words and The Doodles. This is a labor of love, which goes out by pnysical mail or as a PDF. These are paid subscriptions but I make them affordable and I do giveaways on the mailing list sometimes.

I publish poetry under my own name, and stories under pen-names. This is mostly for marketing segmentation.

For sci-fi, adventure, I use the pen name Cran Palto. See

For chidren stories, I started writing under the pen name Emlyn Ambrie. I started the series The Fantastic Adventures of Uncle Jodi, and released the first book, The Hiddent Drawer. It's on Amazon, at the amazon websites for all the countries. More at Wolf and Fae Publishing.


Private Poems Mostly

Private Poems Mostly, on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle, a collection of poems published in 2017

The Songs Within

A $0.99 collection of 24 poems on Amazon Kindle. Also available on Kindle Unlimited. Released in 2020.

Two Hearts

A collection of poems from early 2018. Being reworked.

Works in Progress

My sci-fi survival novel Raheem, being written now, under pen-name Cran Palto.